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Winery Category: Monterey County Wineries

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    The Vineyard: The Chalone Appellation

    Michaud is located in the heart of the Chalone appellation, one of the most unique places on Earth to grow wine grapes. It was officially recognized by the government in the early 1980s as an AVA but its grape growing history stretches back to the turn of the last century. Curtis Tamm, a French immigrant, has been credited with establishing the first vineyard on the Chalone bench around 1919. Today the AVA is home to 7 different vineyards, comprising 360 acres of vinifera .

    What makes the Chalone region so unique? Simply put, it is a desert, high up on a granite and limestone mountain, with an ocean influenced climate.

    To the west, 35 miles as the crow flies, is the Pacific Ocean and Monterey Bay. The eastern skyline is dominated by Mount Chalone and the mysterious Pinnacles, remnants of an old underwater volcano born 28 million years ago. The San Andreas Fault circumnavigates the Pinnacles – the constant geologic grinding and subduction of the Pacific plate has exposed the granite rock which has weathered into decomposed granite soils. There are also numerous limestone deposits, from the decay of ancient marine organisms on the once seabed. Chalone is one of the few places where granite and limestone are co-located, providing a well-drained and mineral rich base, similar to Burgundy and responsible for the trademark “touch of stone” aromas and flavors found in the area’s best wines.

    The region is ecologically described as a arid “Chaparral community,” receiving only 12 to 15 inches of annual rainfall. Ample sun and daily temperature fluctuations of 40 to 60 degrees, thanks to the influence of Monterey Bay, create gentle, slow-ripening climatic conditions.

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    Chardonnay?: Yes
    Pinot Noir?: Yes
    Syrah?: Yes
    Sangiovese?: Yes
    Marsanne?: Yes
    Wine Reviews:
    San Franciso Chronicle Wine Competition

    San Francisco Chronicle - March 25, 2004

    The Chronicle's Wine Selections -- Here are (today’s) panel picks from the Monterey County, Santa Cruz Mountains and Carmel Valley Chardonnays from 2000, 2001 and 2002.

    2000 Michaud Vineyard Chalone Chardonnay

    Body: Medium-full
    Dryness: Dry-semidry
    Comments: Nose of butter, hay, spice and mineral, plus flavors of caramelized apple, pineapple, fig and baking spice; it has a ripe, round texture and a long finish.

    Gayot Wine Award

    Novusvinum.com Gayot.com - February 12, 2004
    2000 Michaud Chardonnay (Chalone Appellation) 19/20

    “The top Chardonnay we've recently tasted.”

    San Francisco Chronicle - December 7, 2003

    Top 100 Wines:  2000 Michaud Chardonnay.
    "Whistle and say "nice structure" for this one. Rich and full, with green apple, pear, cinnamon, coriander and vanilla flavors with touches of earth and talc and tangy acidity."

    Wine Spectator Award

    Wine Spectator - July 31, 2003

    California Chardonnay Tasting Report:  2000 Michaud Chardonnay (Chalone The Pinnacles) - 88pts

    Wine Enthusiast Award

    Wine Enthusiast - May 2003

    2000 Michaud Chardonnay (Chalone The Pinnacles) - 90 pts.

    From high in the mountains above Monterey, crisp, steely acidity frames appley, peachy flavors.  Most notable are the winemaker additions of flashy French oak and lees, which make for a creamy, rich mouthfeel. - S.H.

    Randy Buckner Newsletter - May 20032000 Michaud Chardonnay (Chalone - Monterey County, California)

    Green apples, nectarines and French oak intermingle on the nose and expand on the palate, with apricots noted as well. Full-bodied, rich and creamy, there is a touch of heat