Sbragia Family Vineyards

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    Karen Harris


    Karen is a Bay Area resident and visits the wine country whenever she gets a chance. She is particularly fond of Pinot Noir and loves visiting wineries that have beautiful decor, knowledgeable servers and of course large pours.

    Sipping Excellent Wines on a Deck with a View

    If you are in the Dry Creek region, be sure to stop by Sbragia! Located towards the end of Dry Creek Road, you may turn around before reaching it. Make it a point to stop in.

    Sbragia Family Vineyards offers a spacious tasting room and patio area. Bring your own picnic or purchase some snacks, either way, this is a great stop on your wine tasting day in the Dry Creek region. Snacks included crackers, cheese and some deli meats.

    The facility is both dog friendly and kid friendly. The outdoor patio is spacious enough to give the kids some room to move around or play some games. They offered corn hole, and connect four when we were there. They have wifi which is good if you need to stay connected as the Dry Creek Road has spotty cell coverage.

    For tasting, they offer a standard tasting flight of 6 wines for $20 (waived with purchase). On they day we visited, there were 3 whites and 3 reds, but if you prefer reds, they would be happy to pour a red only flight. You may taste at the bar, at a high top in the tasting room or at a couch on the patio. They offer multiple places to relax and taste at your own pace. The outdoor patio has gas heaters for the cooler days.

    Some Notable Wines at Sbragia


    2016 Home Ranch Sauvignon Blanc ($26) - this is a really great picnic wine, one of their best sellers.

    2013 Gamble Ranch Chardonnay ($48) - if you like buttery chardonnays this is for you, with partial malolactic fermentation, this is a nice balanced chardonnay.

    2015 Limited Reserve Chardonnay ($55) - this was not on the tasting menu, but since we had a white wine lover in the group, we were able to taste this one. Butterscotch describes this wine well. It’s a reserve of the Gamble Ranch Chard with a more prevalent butterscotch notes.


    2015 Home Ranch Merlot ($32) - not on the tasting menu, by far one of the favorites! I’m not usually a fan of merlot, but I am a fan of this wine. At $32 this wine worth picking up!


    2013 Andolsen Cabernet ($42)

    2012 Monte Rosso ($65)

    Local Guide Report: Karen Harris — January 14, 2018