Product Review: Wine Tasting Made Better with Repour

Written by Karen Harris

January 24, 2018

The Repour Wine Stopper is a super-easy and economical way to save your wine for the next day and beyond.

So you both love wine tasting.  But, let’s say you prefer red and he likes white.  It’s going to take you awhile to empty a bottle, so what do you do to keep the wine tasting good? With Repour, you can go ahead and open both bottles and save the rest for another day!

In the past, once a bottle of wine had been opened it had to be finished the same day to prevent it from losing its flavor and characteristics. There are a few things you can do to try to save it, like the vacuum system, but you need to find both the stopper and the vacuum tool, and some critics claim that these systems can remove the flavor along with the air.

Alternatively, you could “refill” the empty space with a special argon gas to prevent oxygen from staying in the bottle. While these systems have their fans, they can be more complicated require that you purchase argon canisters.

With Repour, it’s very simple. A blue wine stopper replaces the cork to keep your bottle fresh, just remove the foil seal at the bottom before inserting into the bottle. The key is the secret oxygen absorber inside the wine stopper! Genius! Since oxygen is the main reason wine loses its flavor, the Repour stopper conveniently absorbs the oxygen so the wine stays “fresh” and you can enjoy it again the next day or next week. Just keep using the same stopper until you have finished the bottle, then toss the stopper.

The Repour wine stopper can be purchased in 4-packs, 10-packs or 72-packs and cost around $2 per stopper. The Repour stopper is available on Amazon, Brookstone and many local wine shops – check the store locator on the Repour website.



  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive



  • One-use only, then throw away
  • Not recyclable due to small size


Available on Amazon

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