COVID-19 Testing and Urgent Care in Napa Wine Country

Napa COVID Testing at Urgent Care + TeleHealth

In these difficult times, the staff at Winetasting, Inc. wish you and your family good health.  If you are visiting California’s Napa Valley, we have partnered with our local Napa Urgent Care clinic called Urgent Care + TeleHealth, which is located in downtown Napa, CA.  Urgent Care + TeleHealth is ready and able to test your group and is one of the few clinics in Napa that offers Rapid PCR Testing using the Abbott Labs equipment. According to Dr. Ian Ahwah at the clinic, these rapid tests are processed at the clinic and the clinc can provide the results to you within the same day – usually while you wait. We’ve used them and can recommend their services!

Testing can be an excellent way to help your Winetasting group stay safe.

3/3/21 Update

As of March 3, 2021, Napa County is moving back to California’s Red Tier which allows restaurants to open indoor dining with modifications up to 25% of 10 people, whichever is less.  Many of our local restaurants also have outdoor dining and excellent wine lists. 

At this time, the state is not allowing wineries or tasting rooms to open their indoor facilities until the county reaches the Orange Tier.  However, now that the weather is improving and we have plenty of sunshine, some wineries are opening for outdoor tasting by appointment.

Urgent Care and TeleHealth

Occupational Medicine & Urgent Care located in Napa, CA
(707) 377-1007

Urgent Care + TeleHealth Napa offers four different types of Rapid and Standard Covid-19 test options.

  • Send-out COVID PCR Test: This lab PCR test is the gold standard and is ideal for international travel, job & school release, nursing home visits or pre-surgery screening. It provides results in 72 hours.
  • Rapid COVID-19 Abbott One NAAT test: This rapid test provides results within hours using our in-house lab equipment. It is also suitable for job & school release, nursing home visits or pre-surgery screening.  However, The Abbott test may be acceptable for international travel but you must check with your airline or Country tourist bureau.
  • Rapid Antigen Test: We carry the in house Ag test for symptomatic patients who need to know immediately if they have the Covid antigen.
  • Antibody Test: We carry the in-house antibody test for those patients who have had the Covid vaccine or actual disease and want to know if they have antibody production to the Covid virus.

*All tests are covered by insurance if you have COVID-19 symptoms or were exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID or has COVID symptoms.  If you do not have symptoms or were not exposed, and need the results for travel, work, or school release, then the cost is not covered by insurance and is out-of-pocket.

Please give them a call or schedule a telehealth visit and a provider will help you determine which test is appropriate for your situation.


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