Three Top Wine Bars in San Mateo

Written by Winetasting Staff

May 13, 2024

Whether you live in the San Mateo Area or are visiting, wine tasting can be a fun activity that you can do without having to travel to the Napa or Sonoma wine country. If you have time, San Mateo County includes many renowned and scenic wineries, from the rolling hills of Woodside to the lush landscapes of Los Altos. However, if your schedule is more limited, these three wine bars will offer you a convenient way to explore the rich tapestry of flavors and aromas that this region’s diverse terroir has to offer.

San Mateo’s B Street and Vine: Voted as the Top Wine Bay in San Mateo.

Since the pandemic, a section of B Street has become a pedestrian-only urban oasis with plentiful outside dining options. One welcoming wine bar that’s close to the pedestrian area along B Street is the well-regarded B Street and Vine wine bar, recently voted by the San Mateo community as the Best Wine Bar in San Mateo.

B Street & Vine in San Mateo is a cozy wine bar that offers a delightful blend of Italian-inspired cuisine and an extensive wine selection. Known for its famous bruschetta selections, including a dessert bruschetta, the wine bar has been a staple in the area for over 17 years, offering a range of tasty appetizers and small plates that pair wonderfully with their wine offerings. Popular menu items include a variety of paninis, salads, and their signature bruschetta, with options like brie with apples, ricotta with dates and pistachios, and prosciutto with figs and mascarpone.

B Street and Vine offers live music on Fridays and Saturdays.

Domenico Winery

Domenico Winery is a family-owned and operated boutique winery that specializes in Italian varietals. The winery has been producing award-winning wines for over two decades, drawing grapes from some of California’s most renowned viticultural areas, such as Napa Valley, Sonoma, and Amador County, where their estate wines, Syrah and Primitivo, are cultivated.

Domenico offers a sophisticated public wine tasting every week. Cast against a backdrop of calcatta marble, back-and-white elements, and a timeless Italian charm, the Wine Tasting Bar in their Osteria is the perfect setting for an educated wine experience.

Domenico is also an Osteria restaurant from Wednesday to Sunday and offers lunch, brunch, lunch and dinner.  According to Domenico, an Osteria is a spot to have a casual bite with a friend or unwind with a glass of wine after work.

Velvet 48 Wine Bar

Velvet 48, also voted as a Top 5 Wine Bar in San Mateo,  is a distinguished wine bar located in downtown Burlingame, California which was crafted by Jason Cooper, a wine industry veteran with 20 years of experience. This premium venue is renowned for offering an extensive selection of over 40 wines by the glass and 1,100 wines by the bottle, catering to a range of tastes from casual drinkers to wine lovers. The bar also features a curated selection of beers and savory and sweet small plates that complement the wine offerings.

Visitors to Velvet 48 can expect a unique wine-tasting experience that begins with a complimentary splash of the house label, Velvet 48 Sparkling wine. This is followed by expert guidance from Wine Specialists who help guests navigate the vast wine list. The bar aims to create a memorable atmosphere with its luxurious offerings and attentive service.

In addition to its regular services, Velvet 48 hosts winemaker-tasting events featuring some of California’s top producers and prestigious Champagne houses, making it an ideal venue for both casual visits and special occasions​

Exploring the wine bars of San Mateo offers a delightful and enriching experience for both seasoned connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers. Each venue, such as B Street and Vine with its bruschetta pairings,  Domenico Winery in San Carlos with its Italian varietals and family heritage, and Velvet 48 in Burlingame with its sophistication and extensive selection of global wines, presents a unique atmosphere and a curated wine list that promises something special for every palate. These establishments highlight the region’s sophisticated wine culture and provide inviting spaces for social gatherings, romantic evenings, or relaxing afternoons. Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of wine or enjoy a glass in a chic setting, the wine bars around the San Mateo area deliver memorable experiences that beckon visitors to return.

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