October 20, 2018 @ 11:30 am – 2:00 pm
CIA at Copia (The Culinary Institute of America)
500 1st Street
Napa, CA 94559, Napa
CA 94559
CIA at Copia

Join sensory evaluation expert Orietta Gianjorio for this special opportunity to delve into the world of olive oil! First, you’ll learn how olive oil is made, purchasing and storage tips, quality standards, how to navigate olive oil labels, and what to look for when shopping for extra virgin olive oil. Then join Orietta for an eye-opening tasting of three different olive oils as you familiarize yourself with various olive varieties and their unique flavor profiles.

Following the tasting, join us for a live olive milling demonstration and a walk-around reception featuring delicious flatbreads, freshly pressed olive oil, and a selection of wine. Don’t miss this educational (and delicious) event at Copia!

Orietta Gianjorio

About Orietta Gianjorio
Born in Rome, Italy, Orietta Gianjorio is a sensory evaluation expert who specializes in wine, olive oil, chocolate, and honey. As a Level 3 sommelier, certified olive oil taster, Level 2 chocolate taster, and certified expert in Honey Sensory Analysis, Orietta leads sensory evaluation classes and tastings around the country and educates consumers on quality standards. Her hope is to inspire people to look at food like a taster does: with love, curiosity, appreciation, and fun.