October 11, 2015 all-day
Rossi's 1906
401 Grove St
San Francisco, CA 94102
max young

We hope you can join us for a great time at Rossi’s when we welcome back the days of Little Switzerland for our Octoberfest party!

History of the Gruber Family Band (and how it ties in to Rossi’s – aka Little Switzerland)
How it all began…………..

As you can see the Gruber’s have been playing music for a long time. Pictured here in
the middle is Al Gruber’s Father, Adolf Gruber and his Grandfather, Rupert Gruber.
Also pictured are Al Gruber’s Uncles, Gottfried Gruber and Johann Gruber.

1978 The Al Gruber Band with his children Toni and Peter Gruber at
Little Switzerland in El Verano.
The band would play every Friday Saturday and Sunday, adding up to
18 hours of music every weekend.

Pictured here, Peter, Toni, Kristina and Al Gruber in front of
Little Switzerland. Built in 1906, Little Switzerland was home
to the Gruber family for 20 years. We worked hard and had lots
of fun together .

New Years Eve at Little Switzerland was always a special evening.
Lots of Ballon’s and always a great time had by all.

Toni Gruber Peter Gruber

Kristina & Al Gruber with children Peter & Toni Gruber. This is
the farewell Party when Al and Kristina sold Little Switzerland
and retired. Some say this is the best Party they have ever been
to. After 20 years Al & Kristina were going to get some much
needed rest.

Al Gruber didn’t rest for long, before we knew it the Al Gruber band was
on the road playing for Dances, Festivals and the popular Oktoberfest’s
thru out California, Nevada and Oregon.

Pictured here is Michael Kramar, Peter, Toni and Al Gruber.
Michael, (Toni Gruber’s son) joined the Al Gruber band at age 14. We were
all very proud to play in a band that featured 3 generations of the Gruber Family.

Pictured here is Martin (Toni Gruber’s youngest son) with Michael
and their Opa, Al Gruber. Martin didn’t know it here, but he would
soon be joining the band.

Toni, Peter and Al Gruber. After playing together for over 35 years, this is the last
Oktoberfest season that we played together. In 2009, Al Gruber really did retire from
the band. He played music for over 60 years. Al hand wrote and arranged all of the
music the band played. He gave the music to his grandson, Michael and the family
decided that the Gruber family should keep on playing. After all, it is a Gruber Family
Thank You Dad / Opa, for the music and the love you have given all of us!
We hope that we make you proud!

In January 2010, Martin joined the band.

The Gruber Family Band, January 2010.
Martin, Toni, Peter and Michael.
The Tradition continues!!!