June 5, 2018 all-day
$100 - $120
Colby Smith

We encourage you to register yourself and your staff to initiate a service enhancing shift.

We don’t have to tell you that quality of servicer is the great differentiation. Think about it, if your entire staff embraced the perspective that their job was to create amazing memories for your clients/guests how that would change your “culture” and influence the bottom line of your business.

Holly has a unique way of igniting the underlying spirit of service. When the exchange with your guests comes from this perspective the sales process is authentic and effective.

Just a few of the areas covered include:

  • Understanding the guest type and what will make them happy
  • How our behavior shifts based on the guest’s behavior
  • The finesse of handling the tough guests
  • “Being right” is the booby prize
  • When you have to say “no,” how to make it sound like “yes”
  • Innovative ways to respond to expectations

Registration is $100 for CANVAS Members or $120 for non-members. Morning coffee, pastries and lunch are provided.