California Cabernet: King of California

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Map of CaliforniaBecause we are located in Napa Valley, we admit we can get a little Napa-centric sometimes. So, let’s take a step back for a minute for a lesson on the major appellations in California for Cabernet Sauvignon and their characteristics.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a steady performer across much of California’s extensive winegrowing regions and, in varying ...

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10 Tips To Plan Your Wine Tasting Adventure

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1. Plan Ahead

There are a lot of wineries to choose from and it's good to pick out wineries that have the wine you like as well as the experience you're looking for ahead of time. Priority Wine Pass concierges can do this for you so you don't have to stress about what wineries to go to out of the 500+ to pick from.

2. Make Reservations

The worst thin...

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How to Choose a Wine Club

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How To Pick A Wine Club

Joining a wine of the month club is a great way to discover new wine to love—and there are wine clubs for every type of wine drinker—but there are a few important details to consider before signing up for this kind of subscription box.

Not all wine clubs can ship to every state

Start your search with wine clubs that ship to your state. When it comes ...

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Which Napa Valley Sub-Appellation Might Be Your Favorite?

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Napa ValleyWhen the first vineyards were planted in Napa Valley, grape varietals were planted somewhat randomly. As winemaking evolved with each vintage, vintners discovered the benefits of matching certain grapes to appropriate microclimates and soils, thus Napa sub-appellations have emerged that imprint recognizable characteristics on the grapes grown withi...

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Who Is The Father Of Wine?

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Father of WineWhen most of us look back at our lives, we sometimes forget the incredible impact our parents have in making us the people we turn out to be. From an early age they help set us on our life’s course, and subtly influence our personality and tastes. However, at least in our families, it seems Mom always gets a bit more credit than Dad. . . But today,...

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Aspen Food & Wine Classic

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Aspen Food and Wine Classic
Photo Courtesy of Aspen Food and Wine Classic

Join us in Aspen this weekend for the FOOD & WINE Classic

For the first time, along with Heritage Link Brands, will join the premier culinary event in America, the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen. This year marks its 34th anniversary and will undoubtedly be three remarkable days of celebratio...

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Auction Napa Valley

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Auction Napa Valley

St. Helena, CA – Before passing the golden paddle to next year's host, Eleanor Coppola, Augustine Huneeus presided over this year's festivities imparting a latin flair to the event. $14.3 million was raised for charity during this year's auction while last year brought in $15.8 million.  Bidding on a particular lot moves rapidly as mind-boggling a...

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Winemaster & Pitmaster Advice on America's Best BBQ

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As we head into the summer months, nothing is better than cooking on the open fire with friends and family over a few glasses of wine. It is time to shift into BBQ mode!

Winemasters recommend trying these five wine pairings with your BBQ this season: Sparkling wine and chicken, Chardonnay and grilled shellfish, Tempranillo and brisket, Malbec with b...

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The Art Of The Blend

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Which is better, a single variety or a blend?

Most wine drinkers are familiar with the popular varieties of wine grapes. Some people love Cabernet Sauvignon, but won’t drink Zinfandel. Others dislike Chardonnay but enjoy Sauvignon Blanc. But what happens if a particular wine is a blend of two or more varieties? Should a wine drinker even try a blend...

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Five Winemaking Moms Who Make It Look Easy

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner (May 8), we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate some of the multi-tasking moms in the wine industry who have accomplished so much while still finding the time to juggle the demands of motherhood:

1. Mary Weber Novak (Spottswoode)

In 1977, when Mary Weber Novak’s husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving he...

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