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Spanish Wine & Cuisine Recipes

Tempranillo Pairing: Pork with Grilled Vegetable Pisto
1. Light a grill. In a large, shallow dish, mix 2 tablespoons of the oil with the lemon juice, minced garlic, parsley and a pinch each of salt and pepper. Add the pork and turn to coat well. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.

2. Grill the eggplant, onion and garlic head, cut side...

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Wine Pairing: Petite Sirah & Braised Lamb Shanks with Herb Reduction

Braised LambshanksBraised Lamb Shanks with Herb Reduction

A hearty meal for a hearty wine. Warm up those chilly Fall nights with this comforting dish.
Pairs With:
Petite Sirah

Serves 6


• 6 lamb shanks, about 4-5 pounds total weight
• 3 tablespoons olive oil
• 2 medium onions, ½ inch dice
• 3 large carrots, peeled, ½ inch dice
• 10 garlic cloves, slice...

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A "Shattered" 2015 Harvest in Napa Valley?

0 Comments  |   Posted in Wine Life Wine Features   |  By Steve Schepman

It is great to see Harvest in Napa Valley well underway yet early indications are that yields will be down by as much as 40% due to "shatter". (Shatter is triggered by rain, wind, rough handling, or extremes in temperature—either too high or too low. In France, it is known as “coulure”). Lower supply and higher demand means it is time to stock your...

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How To Save Money on Wine

truck.jpg1. Ship to your destination.

Have wine shipped directly to your vacation destination. Imagine going to that special place and having a case of well curated wine waiting for you and your friends and family! Tip: Call hotel management ahead of time.

2. Ask about damaged labels.

Most retailers have a list of cosmetically flawed wines with torn or stained...

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How to Store a Great Wine

Our heritage within our Napa Valley community runs deep. Founded in 1991 as Ambrosia, The Berglund Catalogue of Fine Wine, we were pioneers in partnering with local wineries in Napa and Sonoma to bring consumers library selections to wine collectors across the United States. Today, Ambrosia is part of The Wine Tasting Network and continues to offer...
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Monticello Vineyards: A 2008 Retrospective Tasting

Comments  |   Posted in Wine Life   |  By Peter Downey

Monticello Vineyards

Whenever we visit our Vintner Partners, we ask them the same basic questions:  ‘What do you need? What can do for you?’

Yesterday, while tasting Library wines at Corley Family/Monticello Vineyards in the Oak Knoll appellation (between Napa and Yountville), Stephen Corley had the answer ready: 

Monticello Aged Vintages

“Tell our story.”

The Valley is full of gr...

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Summer Sangria with Pinot

Making sangria with Pinot Noir requires a very appropriate technique when it comes to the mixing process. Make sangria with Pinot Noir with help from Michael La Vardera at The Tasting Rooms of American Estates Wines, Manhattan professional sommelier, beverage director, and wine educator.

Things You'll Need

  •  Mixing container
  •  Chilled pinot noir
  •  Chilled...
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About Your Weight


A few days ago, Steve (Schepman, President of the Wine Tasting Network) sent me a chart that paired wines and food by weight, and said we ought do a quick entry on this topic. This chart categorized Rielsing as light and Chardonnay as heavy. Pinot Noir (light) was deemed less rich than Merlot (medium).  Of course you ask, ‘Waitaminnit, Riesling fro...

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Taste the Mountains...

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For millennia, hillsides were preferred for growing wine grapes where each plant has greater exposure to the sun, especially at the beginning and end of a season. At elevation, cooler temperatures, better drainage and thinner top soils make for a more vigorous vine.

In Napa, the Vaca Mountains to the east are pale with browned grasses, composed of...

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