Customer Service

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Wine Tasting Network, formerly known as We’ve gone through a massive brand transformation to be a better personal shopper and wine concierge to you. Think about it for a minute, most of the time when you’re selecting a wine, you're asked to consider a grape, a country or region, a time, a style, a winery or winemaker… Most of us in the 'wine biz' labor over these attributes, and endlessly discuss their merits and defects.

But who gets lost in this conversation? You.

At The Wine Tasting Network our focus will be on you – what you enjoy, what you’re having for dinner, who’s coming over or whose house you’re visiting, what you’re reading or watching, or who’s getting the gift. We promise to strive always to present wines that will meet your expectations, capture your curiosity, and enhance your occasions: wines to fit your life. That’s why we say, “Wine just got personal.”

On our wine side, we’ll work with our prestigious vintner partners in Napa Valley, Sonoma, and all around the globe to acquire and/or make the best possible wines in every varietal and vintage; then we’ll match our ever-changing inventory of fine wines with the ones that will most please you. That’s the new Wine Tasting Network. We’re all about you and we sincerely hope you’ll like the new us.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your meals, your celebrations, your holidays and gift-giving. Your life.

Steve Schepman

For more details on how Wine Tasting Network is making wine personal, check out this write up on loyalty369: Wine Tasting Network Focuses on Customer-centric Experience